Friday, April 6, 2012

healing foods i love it heres 4 easy ways to better health through food simpleliving made easy

 4 easy foods to cure your ailments

Vinegar can lower your blood sugar if you are a diabetic with type 2 diabetes this is particularly helpful. If you take 2 to 4 teaspoons of vinegar before after or in your salads like balsmic can also just have some with cucumber or tomato whatever your interest,this blunts the rise in your sugar level after meals.hate those sugar spikes still follow a good diet please.

Honey{regular} soothes coughs and helps coat throat while breaking up the mucus.this is great for sick kids ages 1-6 no honey for kids younger than 1 try a half teaspoon in the morning  and agian once before bedtime.

Chamomile tea eases pain for menstrual cramps.drinking this tea relaxes the uterus by elevating the body's natural levels of glycine,an amino acid that stops muscle spasms 1 to 3 cups a day of the caffiene free during your menstrual cycle.

Onion and peppermint tea stops throwing up. If u happen to get the ( BUG) and your throwing up and as we all know isnt a great night in. so basically cut a half onion to boil in water then throw the boiled onion water  into your peppermint tea and sip it lighty a few times every fifteen minutes. This will at first curb your throwing then stop it.

love you all hope this weeks naturalremediez were helpfull will have more up this week catch you all soon.